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Can I split a payment disbursement?

Yes, you can automatically disperse funds from a settled transaction to multiple recipients. You can… Read More

Can you cancel a scheduled payment?

Yes, you can cancel any scheduled payment.

What financial institutions accept e-transfers?

250 financial institutions that accept e-transfers. See a complete list here.

What is the difference between a short...

You have the ability to set the short and long name (originator ID) for each… Read More

What are your EFT / ACH transaction...

We have three daily cut-offs to submit EFT/ ACH payments: • 6am EST • 11am EST • 6pm… Read More

What do your EFT / ACH return/...

900 Edit Reject 901 NSF  902 Cannot Trace 903 Payment Stopped/Recalled 904 Post/Stale Dated 905… Read More

How do you protect payment information?

All payment information is either encrypted or tokenized ensuring it can’t be identified.

How do you protect personal identifiable information?

Personal identifiable information collected has been minimized and all required information is encrypted.

Can I request an e-transfer from a...

This feature is coming soon.

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