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What financial institutions accept Interac Money Requests?

Please visit a complete list here.

What is Intelligent EFT / ACH (iQ11)?

This enhanced EFT / ACH payment service is enabled by the user linking their bank… Read More

What is Interac e-Transfer for Business?

Send thousands of near real-time payments with higher funding limits with just an email. Learn… Read More

What’s the funding time for VoPay Instant...

Funds can be available in a recipient’s account within 30 minutes of transaction approval—all day,… Read More

What is VoPay Instant (Visa Direct)?

You can send money in real-time to almost any Visa cardholder in Canada 24 hours,… Read More

Can I split a payment disbursement?

Yes, you can automatically disperse funds from a settled transaction to multiple recipients. You can… Read More

Can you cancel a scheduled payment?

Yes, you can cancel any scheduled payment.

What financial institutions accept e-transfers?

250 financial institutions that accept e-transfers. See a complete list here.

What is the difference between a short...

You have the ability to set the short and long name (originator ID) for each… Read More

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