How We Help You Save Money

By Kirsten Barkved on December 20, 2016

Whether it’s to family or friends or to a business overseas, sending money online from Canada needs to be safe, secure, and most importantly, affordable. At VoPay, our low-cost online money remittance service does just that.

Modern day FinTech money transfer services have made our lives effortless. It’s also proven just how outdated and unfair banks and traditional transfer services are. Through seamless technology and the simple idea that wiring money online should be affordable and within everyone’s means, VoPay leverages three platforms to ensure that when you send money overseas, you save money.

Low Rates

At VoPay, we don’t do complicated. We believe in simplicity and transparency. We also believe in fair. That’s why we only charge an upfront, low service fee for sending money online. It’s how we think sending money should always be: affordable rates that don’t deceive and at a price that won’t leave you reeling from sticker shock. With VoPay, you’ll save up to 7% more than when you send with traditional money service platforms, banks, and competitors.

No Hidden Fees

It’s no surprise by now that banks traditionally charge hidden fees in the exchange process, yet people sometimes aren’t completely aware that they’re being charged. While advertising a promise of a low transaction or no service fees, a bank will apply a markup for their service, which means that when you send money, you’re sending less than you’d like. VoPay’s service is built on trust and transparency. You are only ever charged an upfront fee for our service. That’s it. You have our 100%, money back guarantee of no hidden fees when you send with VoPay.

Mid-Market Rate

We convert your money with the Mid-Market Rate, the real exchange rate, so that you know exactly how much you’re sending, at all times. The mid-point between the Buy and Sell rates in the market, it’s constantly fluctuating, reflecting real-time movements in the market so you know exactly how much you’re sending at that precise moment. No surprises, no stress, just the best rate for your online money transfer. It’s the same rate you’ll find on Google and Reuters, and it’s the only rate you’ll ever see VoPay use.

VoPay helps you save money through our simple, streamlined platform. With pricing that is transparent, a real exchange rate that reflects accurate, real time movements, and small fee that isn’t buried beneath your transaction, we’ve simplified the process and leveled the field for a fair and seamless way to send online remittances overseas.