How We Simplify Money Transfers

By Kirsten Barkved on March 7, 2017

We know you’re already well aware that banks overcharge you when you send money overseas. If you didn’t already know that, you wouldn’t be here, would you?

Banks and traditional remittances players send your money with a promise of no hidden fees. But they are. It’s no wonder we have trust issues. Banks charge up to 8% of fees in your money transfer. They buy at one price and sell at another and call it your exchange rate.

This means you’re being charged to access your own money, no matter what country you’re in or where you’re sending it to.

So why are we any different? Better yet: how are we different?

We’ll show you.

Despite how advanced technology is now, sending money overseas is still a complex process – for us. Not for you. That’s because we’ve found a new way, a better way, to help you send money overseas. And it’s a combination of two things: the real exchange rate and our low transfer fees.

With VoPay, sending your money is always transparent. You know exactly how much you’re sending from start to finish – no surprises, no nasty hidden fees.

That’s because we use the Mid-Market Rate – the REAL exchange rate. This is the exchange rate that you’ll find on Google – in real time. It’s what the banks use before they mark up your transfer with their charges. So that when you’re ready to send your money with VoPay, one quick check on Google will show you that you’re receiving the exact same rate.

This, combined with our low, one-time transfer fee, is how we ensure we’re different. Our low transfer fee is a fraction of the cost of major banks and traditional remittance players. We save you up to 7% on your VoPay transactions, helping you send your money overseas – as fast as possible for as little as possible.

So how do we get your money to its destination on time and affordably? Simple!

We have bank accounts all over the world, linked together via our innovative technology.

For instance, if you want to send money to France, all you need to do is log into your VoPay account. Simply pay in your Canadian dollars to VoPay’s France account. Then, VoPay’s France account sends Euros to your recipient. Your money never crosses any borders, you don’t have to go through the older technology of banks (read: less wait time), and you pay a low fee of $4.45. That’s it.

We aren’t just a company sending your money. We’re sending your money to where it matters. We’re backed by people who know precisely what it’s like to send money overseas and how important it is that it get there on time, within your means, and for as little as possible.