Our Public Beta is Complete and VoPay Has Officially Launched!

By Kirsten Barkved on November 28, 2016

It’s been a big week for us at VoPay.

VoPay has officially launched its online money transfer platform, the easiest and most affordable way to send money within Canada and internationally. With our innovative platform, you can send money to friends and family instantly and affordably. No wait lines, no hidden fees – just options and ease with our streamlined platform.

A few years ago, if you needed to send money overseas, your bank or traditional services like WesternUnion were the only way to go. Often racked with hidden fees and complicated with wait times, sending money to friends and family across borders was a hassle.

Flash forward to present day, where technology has evolved the way we design and deliver financial services and products, providing end users with ease of mind, options, and, best of all, affordability.

And with VoPay, that’s a promise we deliver on.

It’s been 18-months of hard work and dedication for our team. That’s 18-months of strategizing and planning, of 12 hour days that consisted of late nights and early mornings, but it was worth every minute (and every cup of coffee).

With our launch official, VoPay can now send your money online easily and instantly around the world. We’ve simplified the process for you by cutting out the middleman and providing you with options to send and receive money.

As we launch this week, we wanted to take the time to say thanks. Thank you to everyone who helped us throughout this journey; we couldn’t have done this without you.

Thank you to the dedicated VoPay team, whose commitment and drive to build a seamless and innovative platform motivated us to work harder. Your time, hard work, and involvement in the creation and execution of our innovative platform are greatly appreciated, and we can’t wait to watch VoPay take its next steps into the fintech field.

And lastly, thank you to YOU. For being a part of our initial launch. You are an integral member of the VoPay family and we wouldn’t be here without you.

To celebrate our official launch, when you sign up, your first transaction is completely FREE. Just use our promo code VoPayLaunch to send your first online money transfer free here.

Stay tuned for more – we’re just getting started.


The VoPay Team