VoPay + Plaid Payments: Faster, Safer And Smarter Bank Account Payments

Our partnership with Plaid allows clients who wish to integrate directly with Plaid to use their integration in conjunction with VoPay and take advantage of our open finance payment service.

We’ve layered Plaid’s data over top of our core payment engine to deliver the most powerful API based EFT [Canada only] and ACH [US only] payments solution in the market.

Open Banking Payment Technology

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Supported by over 12,000 Financial Institutions across North America

Supported by over 12,000 Financial Institutions across North America

Intelligent Payment Technology

Offer powerful end-to-end payment processing solutions including Open Banking technology, bank account verification, risk intelligence and real-time bank account payments.

  • Access multi-channel payment rails and virtual bank accounts
  • Bank account authentication and validation of available funds
  • Eliminate tedious paper processing with automated AR/AP and reporting tools

VoPay Customers Can Utilize Plaid APIs For Instant Authentication & Payment Initiation

How it Works

With VoPay’s API, users can initiate bank account payments via a single implementation. VoPay’s solution supports the full cycle of money movement for growing businesses, including payment initiation, approvals, monitoring, and reconciliation. Utilizing VoPay + Plaid enables a seamless workflow for sending and receiving payments.

For clients with an existing integration with Plaid or who plan to use the Plaid APIs directly, it is recommended that you use the processor token workflow.

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A Simple User Experience Customizable To Your Brand

Consumers can pay for goods and services online and “on the go” directly from their bank account in a few easy steps:

Access Multi-Channel Payment Rails

Lenders can manage the full cycle of money movement from payment and approvals to reconciliation and accounting in a fully integrated, automated and transparent way.

Send Payments

e-Transfer Bulk Payouts

Push to Card

Real-Time Payouts

EFT Credits

ACH Credits

Manage Transactions

Recurring Payments

Bulk File Uploads

Bank Account Verification Tools

Transaction Visibility

Secure Tokenization

Advanced Reporting

Automatic Reconconciliation

Accounting Integrations

ERP Integrations

Real-Time Transaction Reports

Webhook Notifications

Maximize Payment Security With Tokenization And Avoid Storing Sensitive Data

A VoPay generated token is returned each time by a merchant when the user initiates a payment. VoPay then validates the balance and account status instantly and initiates the transaction if the required criteria is met. You no longer have to worry about storing any payment data on your system.

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  • Node.js
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Go
  • _NET
  • Node.js
  • Ruby
  • Python

Plaid + VoPay Industry Use Cases

Some of the most common use cases and benefits include:

  • Lending

    Access bank account authentication and real-time loan payments with a single unified solution.

  • Real Estate

    Embed revoluntionary payment experiences into your existing technology, add new revenue streams and access a range of payment solutions.

  • Market Places

    Offer tenants multiple ways to pay, migitate risk with data intelligence and encrypted tokenization.

  • Crowdfunding

    Improve payment security through verified users and offer multiple data-driven payment rails for marketplace users.

Existing Plaid Clients

Take advantage of your existing data integration with Plaid by leveraging your data tokens and have your users skip all the authorization access and bank account selection steps, streamlining the payment check out experience. You’ll need to sync your data aggregator account with VoPay to enable this.

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