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The biggest thing to happen to currency since the invention of the calculator.
Trade your currency directly with other users - no banks needed!

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Currency exchange freedom

Unite with millions of others who exchange currency to stop the banks from taking billions of unnecessary charges.

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Real-time, affordable, global transfers

Drop the high service fees and start trading directly with one another!


Effortlessly match with others

It's like searching for love, except we match you with a real person to exchange the currency and rate you want - online, safely, and securely.

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A shiny digital wallet - free of charge

Store multiple currencies on your wallet and send money to other VoPay users around the world - at no cost.

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Sending money abroad? We got you covered - only a click away

We have over 100 countries on our network, and every transfer can cost you as little as $1.

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Cash Passport - A multi-currency, prepaid, travel Mastercard

Our smart alternative to a pocket full of cash. Use the VoPay card at stores across the world or withdraw local currency from any ATM. All while sourcing currency at the best rates!

Vopay Card

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