Interac e-Transfer for business optimizes efficiency and maximizes user satisfaction

Send thousands of bulk Interac e-Transfer payments with just an email using the VoPay API.

Offer the fastest, most cost efficent funding option

  • Easy Signup Process

    No recipient banking information required.

  • Quick Reconciliation

    Real-time acknowledgement and daily status reports.

  • Near-Real Time Funding

    Send funds within the hour or overnight depending on volume.

  • Increased Funding Limits

    Unlike regular Interac e-Transfer bulk e-Transfer has $10,000 per payment limits.

  • Simplified Implementation

    Access the service through VoPay’s developer friendly API.

E-Transfer for business

Here's the payment process our bulk Interact e-Transfer service follows:

Businesses only require the recipient's email address to send money (no financial information of recipient is required for payment)

Once the payment is sent, recipients are notified by email

Recipients can deposit their payment at the financial institution of their choice by answering a security question.

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