About Us

We live by the same principles as any successful startup: hustle, adapt, listen. Repeat.

Our Story

VoPay is an innovative financial technology company located in British Columbia, Canada with a dedicated team working towards making global money transfer simpler and more affordable. We offer comprehensive international money transfers with competitive rates to individuals and businesses, helping them to save thousands of dollars every year. VoPay is striving to be the global go-to online money transfer service.

Our Founder

CEO and Founder of VoPay, Hamed Arbabioon, is recognized in the fintech industry as an innovative thought leader. A serial entrepreneur, Hamed has successfully built and grown multiple startups and leveraged his knowledge of business expansion to develop them into successful, disruptive organizations. Hamed’s overall vision for VoPay revolves around innovation and transformation. What began as a simple idea ultimately founded the pillars of his agency: that sending money online should be easy and affordable.

Hamed Arbabioon, CEO & Founder

VoPay CEO and Founder: Hamed Arbabioon

Our Jedi

At VoPay, we follow the lessons of our Jedis to do good in the financial space and to never turn a blind eye. These morals stem from a 17th-century Confucian depiction (origin of three monkeys) at a Japanese shrine.

Our Mission

  • Global Reach

    We offer access to 80+ currencies in over 120 countries for over 15,000 financial institutions and service partners.

  • Quick and Secure Delivery

    Our streamlined processes, encrypted data, and bank-grade security ensure your funds are secure with faster delivery times.

  • Inspiring The World

    We’ve partnered with UNICEF Canada and donate proceeds to educating children in underdeveloped nations.