Pre-Authorized Debit in Canada designed for today's digital demands

Pre-Authorized Debit in Canada designed for today's digital demands

The existing way of collecting Pre-Authorized Debit is outdated and time-consuming. Our digital PAD experience allows merchant to collects single or recurring funds safely and securely by sending a single payment link that includes embedded PAD agreements into all payment flows.

Text, email or embed a simple payment link into your existing payment flow to start collecting digital PAD today.

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Speak to a Payment Specialist!

Speak to a Payment Specialist!

Trusted by Canada's Leading Financial Institutions

Trusted by Canada's Leading Financial Institutions

Skip the paper process and Take Advantage of Digital Pre-Authorized Debit Payment Solutions

Today’s consumers expect diverse digital payment options. Today’s payment journey needs to be contactless, seamless and secure. Pre-authorized debits (PADs) have become the easiest way for consumers to pay bills and make recurring payments automatically.

Optimize your entire pre-authorized debit process with VoPay’s revolutionary account-to-account payment solutions.

How It Works

  • Step 1

    The merchant sends the payor a secure payment link or the customer selects the PAD option during checkout

  • Step 2

    Once the end user clicks on the payment link they can securely connect their online bank account

  • Step 3

    VoPay validates the payers bank account information and available funds

  • Step 4

    VoPay tokenizes the data and gives it to the merchant enabling single or recurring collections to take place at the given date

API technology with built-in bank account verification and data tokenization for added security

Deployed through a single API, our payment services are customizable and configurable solutions that integrate into your existing infrastructure.

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Revolutionizing The PAD Agreement

VoPay’s data-driven PAD solution digitizes the entire process, managing the collection process on behalf of the merchant. With iQ11, businesses can manage payments, monitor the transaction lifecycle and validate the bank account before the time of the transaction. Automatically collect one-off or recurring payments once the consumer connects to their bank account the first time.

VoPay vs Traditional PADVoPay PAD
Solution (iQ11)
Prevent NSF fees by having visibility into available funds
Validate transaction status access to funds within T+1 business days
Verify users identities and bank information before the transaction
Credit card alternative for e-commerce checkout and recurring payments
Tokenize bank account information significantly enhancing payment security
100% paperless and mobile-first experience

Pre-Authorized Payment Examples

If you're a business that receives single or recurring payments from your customers, then using VoPay’s next-generation Pre-Authorized Debit solutions can make your life much easier. Some common client use cases include:

Intuitive Dashboard & Analytics

VoPay user-friendly client dashboard is mission control for transaction management and reporting.

  • Real-time visibility of merchant payments

  • Manage merchant

  • Bulk file upload for EFT and e-Transfer

    Bulk file upload for EFT and

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Benefits of Digitizing the Pre-Authorized
Debit Experience

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