Accept online bank account payments in your application, just like credit cards

Utilizing Open Banking technology Intelligent EFT / ACH (iQ11) adds a layer of data intelligence to online bank account transactions to authenticate them instantly, like a credit card, but with much lower transaction fees.

Eliminate all inefficiencies of online bank account payments

  • Verify User Account

    Verify users identities and authenticate bank account prior to the transaction.

  • Reduce NSF

    Reduce NSF fees by having visibility into bank accounts available funds.

  • Reduce Input Errors

    Auto-fill forms with identity data when users link their bank accounts.

  • Great Speed

    Streamline processes across the payments value chain.

  • Faster Processing

    Validate transaction status and access to funds with in 24 hours.

  • New Revenue

    Offer on demand products and services to retail clients.

How it works?

Consumers can pay for goods and services online and “on the go” directly from their bank account in a few easy steps:

iQ11 generates a token for every linked account to maximize security

The merchant will then return the token to VoPay each time the user initiates payment. VoPay then validates the balance and account status instantly, and initiates the transaction if the required criteria met.

  • Financial Data

    Account verification and transaction history

  • Payment Engine

    Send and accept payments

  • Data Analytics

    Financial data and user behaviour analysis

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