Digitizing direct bank payments
for all

VoPay connects digital enterprises to banking systems enabling them to facilitate direct bank account payments just like credit cards - but better.

For Developers

A single payment layer

The VoPay payments-as-a-service platform is the technology layer that connects marketplaces and digital platforms to pay and accept money directly from any bank account.customer and vendor bank accounts in a fully integrated, automated and transparent way.

  • Payment engine

    Initiate, accept and manage all types of payments in a single integration.

  • Open API

    Integrate with our developer-friendly API with ease and own your user journey.

  • Platform management

    Manage payments on the VoPay dashboard and operate with speed and transparency.

  • Global network

    Eliminate individual, complex, local banking relationships with direct bank payments.

Why VoPay?

  • All Payment Flows
  • Simple API
  • Risk Managment
  • Send money

    Initiate direct bank payments to send money to users or service providers.

  • Accept money

    Instantly collect payments directly from customer’s bank accounts.

  • Bulk payments

    Pay, collect, track and reconcile payments from multiple customers.

  • Scheduled payments

    Flexible options to plan and manage payments according to your business’ needs.

  • Developer friendly

    APIs designed and documented to deliver a positive developer experience.

  • Customizable

    Save time and resources by using our API to customize your solution.

  • Modular solution

    Build new services without re-architecting the system with our API.

  • Speed to market

    Develop new services and applications and get to market faster.

  • Financial intelligence

    Verify and validate all of the financial data necessary to reduce risk.

  • AML compliance

    Ensure compliance each step of the way when managing payments.

  • KYC Intelligence

    Simplify client onboarding with our automated KYC verification.

  • Fraud prevention

    Reduce chargebacks and fraud while scaling your business.

Simplified direct bank payments

Easily facilitate bank-to-bank payments on your platform with speed and transparency.

  • Reliable
  • Customizable
  • Scalable
  • Secure
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The Developer Zone

Join the developers who are building the next generation of direct bank payments.

Our comprehensive documentation and guides help you explore our products and features and get integrated with us as soon as possible.

  • Developers for developers
  • Modular solution
  • Restful API’s
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