VoPay + Inverite Integration – Open Finance Payments Service

Our partnership with Inverite allows clients who have an existing account to integrate with VoPay and take advantage of our open finance payments service. You can learn more here.

VoPay Sandbox API Endpoint URL: https://earthnode-dev.vopay.com/api/v2


The typical workflow for a Inverite-enabled integration with iQ11 are as follows:

  1. Use a Create API from Inverite in order to generate an InveriteRequestGUID and iframe url.
  2. Navigate user to the Inverite login screen, typically using your Inverite iFrame.
  3. User selects their preferred financial institution from the iFrame.
  4. User logs in to their online banking account.
  5. User selects the account they wish to use.
  6. After that, you make an API call to the desired VoPay EFT endpoint, providing the InveriteRequestGUID instead of account number, transit number, and financial institution number.
  7. iQ11 fetches the account number, transit number, and financial institution number for the EFT enabled bank account and uses that to process the EFT transaction.


Have a question? See our FAQ or contact our support team. We look forward to helping you digitize online bank payments with ease.

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