Modern treasury solutions for business banking clients

Seamlessly integrate your business banking services and optimize your payment operations with just one API. Automate and manage the full cycle of money movement, from payment and approvals to reconciliation.

Payment solutions designed for business lenders

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Access powerful payment tools that you can fully integrate into your existing workflows while leveraging your existing business banking relationship:

  • Intelligent EFT/ ACH
    Accept instant bank account verification payments, reduce NSFs and improve payment speed.
  • EFT / ACH
    Seamlessly facilitate EFT payment processing by connecting to North America’s banking system.
  • Interac
    Interac e-Transfer For Business
    Send thousands of near real-time payments with higher funding limits with just an email.
  • Visa Direct
    Realtime payouts to any Visa Debit cardholder in North America.

Your single API connection to the banking network

No need to worry about SFTP files, using FTP, batch timings, or building to a bank core. The VoPay API is your secure and easy way to streamline bank payments and leverage the latest in payment technology.

  • Developer Friendly

    API's designed and documented to deliver a positive developer experience.

  • Customizable

    Save time and resources by using our API to customize your solution.

  • Modular solution

    Our API enables you to build new services without re-architecting the system.

  • Speed to market

    Develop new services and applications and get to market faster.

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