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A single payment layer

The VoPay payments-as-a-service platform is the technology layer that connects marketplaces and digital platforms to pay and accept money directly from any bank account.customer and vendor bank accounts in a fully integrated, automated and transparent way.

  • Payment engine

    Initiate, accept and manage all types of payments in a single integration.

  • Open API

    Integrate with our developer-friendly API with ease and own your user journey.

  • Platform management

    Manage payments on the VoPay dashboard and operate with speed and transparency.

  • Global network

    Eliminate individual, complex, local banking relationships with direct bank payments.

Why VoPay?

  • All Payment Flows
  • Simple API
  • Risk Management
  • Send money

    Initiate direct bank payments to send money to users or service providers.

  • Accept money

    Instantly collect payments directly from customer’s bank accounts.

  • Bulk payments

    Pay, collect, track and reconcile payments from multiple customers.

  • Scheduled payments

    Flexible options to plan and manage payments according to your business’ needs.

  • Developer friendly

    APIs designed and documented to deliver a positive developer experience.

  • Customizable

    Save time and resources by using our API to customize your solution.

  • Modular solution

    Build new services without re-architecting the system with our API.

  • Speed to market

    Develop new services and applications and get to market faster.

  • Financial intelligence

    Verify and validate all of the financial data necessary to reduce risk.

  • AML compliance

    Ensure compliance each step of the way when managing payments.

  • KYC Intelligence

    Simplify client onboarding with our automated KYC verification.

  • Fraud prevention

    Reduce chargebacks and fraud while scaling your business.

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Next generation online bank account payments

Easily facilitate bank-to-bank payments on your platform with speed and transparency while reducing NSFs and returns.

  • Reliable
  • Customizable
  • Scalable
  • Secure
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