Comprehensive payment solutions to meet your business needs

Whether you are using our powerful API integration or our full-featured online dashboard, VoPay offers the tools you need to send and request direct bank account payments at scale.

A powerful payment tool

to send and request money in one easy-to-use system

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Initiate direct bank payments to send money to users or service providers.

Example: A ride sharing platform pay drivers per trip or an e-commerce platform needs to pay multiple vendors.

Customers can pay with their bank accounts instantly just like credit cards.

Example: A lending platform collecting payments from borrowers or an e-commerce site collecting payment during the checkout process.

Pay, collect, track and reconcile payments from and to multiple customers.

Example: A SaaS platform that charges customers a monthly fee for access to various services through their platform.

Third party solution providers can integrate and white-label VoPay’s API to facilitate payments on your platform.

Example: Accounts payable software and supply-chain management platforms that can facilitate payments directly within their workflow.

Transfer funds between your organization’s accounts locally or internationally linking all your banks to the VoPay platform.

Powering direct bank payments for thousands of businesses across Canada

  • Send Bank Account Payments

    Make direct bank payments to clients, bulk e-payments with higher funding limits and instant real-time payouts through VoPay’s multi-channel banking and payment networks. Go to market faster, with customer onboarding, anti-money laundering (AML) checks, and fraud monitoring right out of the box. Whether you are using our API or our full-featured online dashboard, VoPay offers the tools you need to disburse payments at scale.

  • Accept Bank Account Payments

    Allow customers to make direct bank payments from their bank accounts while keeping accurate records of all transactions and payments received. With the ability to transact and manage payment processing in Canada so effortlessly, businesses can better manage their cash flow, streamline reconciliations, track payments and cut down on the time and costs associated with administration.

Digitizing Payments with Consumer Directed Finance Solutions

VoPay leverages the latest open banking empowered technology to enable bank account payment processing in Canada. Our data-driven payment solutions make it easier for businesses and enterprises to transact with suppliers, service providers, customers and other stakeholders.

Fast and seamless ACH/EFT payments

Eliminate the Complexities of Integrating with the EFT Network to Initiate Direct Bank Payments

  • Build

    Initiate direct bank payments to send money to users or service providers.

  • Customize

    Design the payment workflow to match your customer user journey.

  • Scale

    Scale faster by adding bank payments to your business.

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