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Lead your customers into the future with cutting-edge payment technology. Partnering with a true payment technology platform like VoPay allows you to focus on your core competencies and leave payments to us.

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Full Payment Processing Capabilities Through A Single API Integration

VoPay has built a network of top-tier relationships to create a scalable B2B payments platform to deliver frictionless workflow automation and superior customer experiences. We’ll help you diversify your payment offering, add new revenue streams, attract new customers and scale your business for long term success.

  • Customer Demand and Solving Pain Points

    Streamline underwriting and onboarding with full partner control (e.g. support, contracting, and billing)

  • Market and Competitive Threats

    A flexible, modular approach to payments solution enabling quick response to market and threats

  • Product and Data Innovation

    Partners can focus on creating the best-in-class product without the administrative burden

  • Monetization Opportunities

    Monetize core payments offerings in addition to a vast library of resellable value-add services

Partner Relationship
Management Tools

Partner Relationship Management Tools

Our partner management tools help businesses organize, manage and scale all aspects of the partner relationship.

  • Generate additional revenue streams without the cost or risk
  • Turbo charge the merchant onboarding process
  • Access sales and marketing support to drive growth

Full Brand Control

From customer onboarding to payment processing, every single element of our developer-friendly API allows you to customize the end-user experience and exceed your desired specifications.

  • A fully customizable platform allows companies to build innovative financial products and service
  • Create VoPay accounts while maintaining full control over the underlying accounts and managing the flow of funds

Intelligent Payment Technology

Offer powerful end-to-end payment processing solutions including Open Banking technology, bank account verification, risk intelligence and real-time payments.

  • Access multi-channel payment rails and virtual bank accounts
  • Eliminate tedious paper processing with automated AR/AP and reporting tools

Leverage Our Partner Relationships For Exclusive Technology

Leverage Our Partner Relationships For Exclusive Technology

We are proud to partner with technology and industry leaders across North America that support our mission of digitizing online bank account payments. Our strong alliances have allowed us to provide superior technology backed by years of experience and knowledge to create the highest value for our customers.

Open Banking Partners

Payment Technology Partners

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Advanced Partner Management Tools

VoPay’s user-friendly, intuitive partner dashboard is mission control for account management enabling full visibility over sub-accounts and transactions all in one place.

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A Partnership Programme Customized To Your Business Goals

A Partnership Programme Customized To Your Business Goals

We know each business is unique, so we will work with you to tailor the best partnership opportunity that best fits your organization’s expertise and create customised solutions for instant impact in any business setting.

Trusted Partner For Thousands Of Leading Brands

Trusted Partner For Thousands Of Leading Brands

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Learn More About our partnership programmes

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