An all-in-one online payment system

Traceability is key. Keep a pulse on the automated flow of funds from account to account, with full visibility. Our intuitive dashboard provides a comprehensive report of all customer transactions, including account history, verification, transfers and more.

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An out of the box online payment system with full visibility

  • Manage cash flow

    Faster transaction processing improves cash flow and results in lower capital requirements and reduction in the cost of capital.

  • Track transactions

    Our payment engine eliminates errors and efficiencies and allows you to easily track and reconcile your payments.

  • Flexible API

    A single developer-friendly API that supports any business model and lets you easily integrate into your platform and customize payments.

Online payment system features

  • Send money

    Initiate direct bank payments to send money to users or service providers.

  • Accept money

    Instantly collect payments directly from customers bank accounts.

  • Bulk payments

    Pay, collect, track and reconcile payments from multiple customers.

  • Scheduled payments

    Flexible options to plan and manage payments according to your business needs.

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