Payments as a Service Delivered Seamlessly & Securely

Access a host of powerful payment rails through a single API layer to simplify your local, regional and global payments.

What Makes up the VoPay Single Payment API Layer

VoPay’s Payment as a Service (PaaS) solution is designed to allow businesses to utilize local, regional and global payments options through a single open API to meet all your payment needs and much more.

The complexity of moving funds between different providers is all handled by VoPay ensuring a seamless experience for all users. Because only one API is required, you’re only required to maintain one relationship.

Meet All the Payment Services Available Through Our Single Open API for All Your Debiting & Crediting Needs:

  • Intelligent EFT / ACH (iQ11)

    Accept online bank account payments in your application, just like credit cards

  • EFT / ACH

    Connect to North America’s banking system and seamlessly facilitate EFT / ACH payments

  • Interac e-Transfer for Business

    Send thousands of near real-time payments with higher funding limits with just an email

  • VoPay Instant (Visa Direct)

    Real time push payments across Canada to any Visa cardholder

Get to know the VoPay API

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