A single payment API to meet your business needs

Our sandbox allows you to test and design the VoPay API for your unique user journey before going to production. With sandbox credentials, you can run sample transactions, create recurring payments and fully test all aspects of the API.

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Offer multiple payment solutions to improve conversions and sales using VoPay's powerful API

  • Intelligent EFT / ACH (iQ11)

    Using open banking technology, customers can send and accept instant bank account payments, verify funds and improve payment speed.

  • EFT / ACH

    Seamlessly facilitate ACH/EFT payment collection, disbursement and reconciliation across Canada and the USA.

  • Interac e-Transfer for Business

    Send and request single or bulk Interac e-Transfer payments with a $25,000 limit per payment using only an email address.

  • VoPay Instant (Visa Direct)

    Send and receive money directly from any Visa card account holder globally in near real-time. Powered by Visa Direct.

  • Credit Cards

    Maximize revenue and lower your cost with flexible credit card payment processing.

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